Missed A Day

  • Posted on: 3 November 2016
  • By: Mick

Guys,Sorry for the lack of weblog yesterday, I was so tired when I got home and figured I’d catch up this morning as an alternative. Nicely yesterday we visited a Tibetan school in the morning and the River Water Projects in the afternoon. The Tibetan school was eye opening in that it created me understand the situations people have been in after the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan. This school was a boarding school for youngsters that lost their houses in the occasion. Their mother and father are at the moment operating to rebuild their lives and so the kids remain at the school for shelter, food, and an education. On the walls it says,

“Security is very first, and Academics is second”. They said this was to ensure the young children that they would be secure right here and that this was their main concern. As I walked in, it was not what I expected. The children have been all so delighted to be there, happy to see us, and just all close to constructive. It was great, simply because it produced you not really feel so negative and far more so just really feel relieved that they truly are acquiring the support they preserve. The class I taught sang a song at the finish about brotherhood. It sounded like they have been one particular voice, one lovely voice. They also gave me a little stuffed animal doll. The doll happens to look like on of the professors that was on the trip in the beginning so we’ve made a decision to do a “flat stanely” sort factor with her.

We are going to take images with the doll at all the cool spots we go and then send them to our professor. It should turn out rather funny. Nicely, soon after the school we went to this river web site. A couple other classmates and I determined not to go in but to shop as a substitute. No regrets there. I saw everyone’s images and as cool as they have been, I like what I purchased for my loved ones much better. Properly, going to begin my day.