Usable Solar Power Facts and Information

  • Posted on: 8 July 2017
  • By: Mick
Affordable, solar/wind solution for your budget

Solar energy…. If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times! Go solar! Save the planet! Lower your carbon footprint! Have you looked at the price of solar? WOW!!! It’s outrageous… Ummm can anybody afford that?

I’m sure there are some that can and for those that can’t pay up front, they will be more than happy to start you on the twenty year lease program. Hmmm… another payment? Does that really save me money? Maybe solar isn’t the answer…Maybe we should just continue paying the electric company exorbitant rates and maybe take our cans back to cut our carbon footprint.No…that’s not going to work either because I’m still not saving any money. Ok then what to do?Back to solar… What if I could build my own solar? I mean what’s in a solar panel anyway? How does it turn sunlight into energy? Just exactly how does that work? Is what’s in there rare or expensive, perhaps some special crystal extracted from special mountain top in some faraway place?

Boy if this is your thinking you’re going to be disappointed. The material inside solar panels is actually one of the most common materials found on the planet earth today!So, why then is it so expensive? Is it new technology? Nope… People been using the sun to get things done for centuries.AND…Solar doesn’t even have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just need some easily obtainable materials, the knowledge of some pretty basic straight forward concepts, and a plan. And you can build solar panels for a pretty reasonable price and save up to 80% off your electric bill using free energy.DING! I know for me those are the magic words! I can save more money than I spend and I don’t have to wait twenty years to see a return on my investment!

Tell me more!You must find a program that contains simple step-by-step instructional guides that can be followed easily by anyone. The kit tells you how to find all necessarily parts and how to put them together.A homemade power generator can be built in less than 3 days.  And for those living in very sunny locations it’s a perfect win situation!But what happens if you don’t live in a mostly sunny locale? Well the these plans also include plans on building a wind turbine generator. So you can do both, and possibly save hundreds of dollars and stop paying outrageous rates for electricity.You can do it yourself!

In these times of financial hardships, a wind turbine and solar panel can help us to save lots of money on electric bill and helps keep the environment pollutant free. That’s a win/ win!We have the option to produce free energy from natural resources without killing the planet! Why would we pay the electric company a fortune to produce energy in such a way that costs us thousands every year and destroys the environment and is responsible for about 38% of our pollution?Learn how to build your very own home-made power generator like solar panels and wind turbines on a shoestring budget by following the guides that show you with step-by-step detail what to do.I advise you to follow the guides carefully as they are written by professional environmentalists, who guide you safely through creating your own power generator.Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill.

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