Training My Little Hands to Learn To Draw Again

Seven months after my post about “Training My Little Hands to Learn To Draw Again”, I’m finally confident enough to show the result of this painstaking and slow process.

Sometimes, it would take some little “accidents” to happen to our lives to propel us into action.

Me and my husband have been training for our major climb to Mt. Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s highest peak located in Malaysia when I experienced a little but life-altering accident. During one of our uphill walk on a nature trail here in Singapore, I slipped and fell on my right foot. This miscalculated step resulted to a badly-sprained ankle that still hurts until today.

This situation left me with practically nothing to do with my time. Walking long distances is very tedious and there was a time when I needed to use a walking stick. My active lifestyle had been turned upside-down, resulting to a sedentary life.

On a positive note, this incident forced me to slow down and think about things that I don’t usually think about amidst the mad rush of my everyday existence. I have immersed myself in the famous blog site, and tried to emulate some of the practical things that the author, Leo “preaches”. Meditation and mindfulness helped to ease my disappointment and gain focus. And thus, I started to draw again.

The first illustration was created “before” the accident. I used this as my entry to Smashing Magazine’s monthly wallpaper design. I wanted to create a “winter” theme for Crayosa, my muse for Mickminogue.

There, these 3 girls have kept me occupied these past months.

My creative process is a long and tedious journey. Creating something out of nothing is always a struggle. I’m thankful to that stubborn voice inside my head that keeps on telling me to take that small step, even when my “lizard brain” tells me that to even try is futile. And for that, cheers to my little hands