My New Hobby- Woodworking

All you know is I’m an illustrator, a front-end developer, a traveler, a comics nerd, and someday I’ll get back into keeping snakes and fish. But none of these things takes precedence over woodworking, although, I’m still a newbie here.

Woodworking can be an enjoyable hobby that allows you to express yourself with your projects. Furthermore, I can create some simple tools or build furniture for my new house. Woodworking can be defined as the art of creating all types of objects with wood. The amazing thing is I have made delicate crafts for friends that wanted something in particular for Christmas and Holiday plans and patterns.

Where to start?

Whether you are looking for build small projects or some home improved projects, where to start with woodworking? What tools do you need? While there is an initial investment to acquire the machines necessary, you can make money when you build special projects and sell them online. Although I am primarily a hobbyist woodworker, but on a couple occasions I made products for people and earn money. Sometimes, I think I can make a living doing so.

If you like me, have a limited woodworking budget for these tools, below are many things make great progress in the craft without breaking the bank.

Keep it Small

As a hobby, woodworking can bring you several hours of recreation, along with creating different things out of wood. Start out with small furniture such as tables, cabinets, sideboards etc. Small projects needs a few hand tools. And these tools come in handy here and there. So reduce your budget. Make a small craft that you can expect to sell well online.


When you first begin woodworking, it's not a good idea to go our find a professional woodworking workplace. You just need enough space to move long boards. My first workplace is my garage. I put an old table from my friend to start my first projects.

Tools Needed

Before making any crafts, you need tools to cut wood. Essential hand tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, a few chisels. While if you really enjoy woodworking then invest powerful tools, like a miter saw- do accurate cutting. There are many features to look for in a best miter saw. My saw is Hitachi C12FDH, it’s really a workhorse. It delivers consistently accurate cuts on any kind of sizes (review). BTW, I bought this machine after I sold many home improved projects locally. So I think it’s best starting with a few tools. When it becomes easy to understand when and how to use these tools, then buying a full of tools would save you a lot of time.

What’s next

There are a wide range of ways to test the waters. You can watch tons of woodworking videos on YOUTUBE to get a better sense of how to start. All you need now is practice. With practice comes skill. You should study measuring, create a glued, learn the basic oil, etc. There is a fundamental truth… the more time you dedicate, the more you will improve. That, my friends, I can promise you. Happy woodworking!