Learn to Draw Again

Sometimes, I have this paranoid thought that my hands would one day forget how to draw. I know it’s a crazy thought. Humans have always had this innate desire within us to try to make sense of our existence and of the world around us through drawing. Our earliest ancestors, the cave people have already learned this craft thousands of years ago.

My drawing and doodling habits have stopped since January this year. Ten months of hiatus is such a long time and I’m thankful that finally, I managed to command my hands to hold that pencil to draw again.

My friend, Aaron have bought me a new leather-bound sketch pad. I have been doing some mindless drawing for the past few days. I’m kinda’ training my little hands to draw again. I had fun playing and experimenting with washes, I really don’t want to forget how to draw. :)

In this drawing, my hands still felt a bit stiff, but they’re starting to loosen up again.