How to Clean Dusty Ceiling Fans

  • Posted on: 30 May 2017
  • By: Mick
How to Clean Dusty Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are popular for their low budget and high-performance level. Cleaning the fan once in a while is good for its maintenance. There are various methods you can employ to get the results. Here, we have pointed out the easiest and most convenient procedures for cleaning your dusty ceiling fan. We also have described each step as you do try it out. We will guide you how to clean effectively in a short duration.

Before you want to clean the house fan [Power House Fan], you need to get the tools you need for the work. What is your height? Are you comfortable holding the cleaner standing on the floor or you need extra help? You have to make sure that you are comfortable when doing the job. So, first of all, get yourself a ladder, place it safely on the floor. Now you climb up. Reach the point where it is convenient for you.

You definitely do not want the dust falling on your bed or on furniture. So, put a plain cover on them, and especially below the ceiling fan before you do the cleaning. Spread a wide sheet of cloth or a plastic.

You can use a readymade cleansing liquid from the market you can create a liquid using common household ingredients. Get a sprayer and pour water with 2tbsp distilled vinegar. Now spray the liquid on the blades and wipe it with a ragged piece of cloth that you don’t use anymore.

I have seen many people using pillow covers or plastic bags to cover the blades entirely. The best part is you don’t spoil the floor or your furniture with dust falling from the top. Gently wipe the blades and safely take it off. Repeat the method for cleaning all the blades.
If the blades are very dusty and it is sticky in nature, you can add baking soda. It cleans the greasy layers of dirt.

There are plenty wipers, dusters and dusting gloves available in the market. Use the liquid on the duster and wipe the fan. Once the duster is dirty replace it with a clean one or wash it to reuse. If you have a vacuum cleaner the same can be applied without any hassle to clean the dust and dirt.


  • Cover your head, arms, nose, your face and wear a clear glass to protect yourself from the dust. Otherwise, it may cause allergy. Be careful enough not to let the dust particles fall on your eyes, therefore, you should wear a glass. I have seen some people wearing full-length clothes and a hat before cleaning up.
  • Do not try this out if you have balancing problems. You should not injure yourself. In such cases, you can get yourself a cleaner from a store with long and adjustable handle. Just cover up the furniture before cleaning.
  • Wash your hands, your face and eyes thoroughly. There should be no trace of dust.
  • Avoid cleaning if you have dust allergy or asthma.
  • Put a tape on the switch, so by no means, it is ON.
  • Try cleaning your fan at a regular interval to avoid extra effort. It will make your cleaning easy and quick.